About JRM & Associates, Inc.

We help homeowners negotiate better rates with their lenders.

The Problem

Homeowners across the U.S. are still feeling the crunch from the housing bubble that hit the country earlier in 2008. As sub-prime mortgages reverted to regular interest rates, a large number of homeowners have found themselves unable to make ends meet, and many have lost their homes to foreclosure. The number of foreclosures peaked from 2008 to 2011 and, according to experts, the situation has yet to stabilize.

The Solution

Our account management company, JRM & Associates, Inc. offers a promising solution to homeowners at risk of losing their homes. We help homeowners negotiate better rates with their lenders to avoid drastic measures such as foreclosure.

Our team consists of experienced negotiators, mortgage and real estate professionals, and hardship analysts, all of whom ensure full representation for homeowners in financial trouble.

The Process

Our process begins with a consultation in which our account managers will review the borrower’s financial situation and history, request supporting documents, and will work out a customized strategic plan. Our team then sends the application to the lender and begins negotiations.

Rest easy—we’ve got you covered!

Credit Counseling and

Budgeting Services


All business services come from the direct consultation to client’s that have minor or substantial financial issues. Our team properly advises and works with our clients to effectively negotiate an affordable solution. We also offer advice to clients regarding how to properly maintain their financial position.